Without Julie Christie

Donald Sutherland

Donald Sutherland, copyright Claus Biegert
Donald Sutherland Fotos © Claus Biegert.

Summer, 1974, west of London outside of Reading, during the filming of The Eagle has Landed... There's a break and Donald Sutherland sits down next to me and we resume our interview. I was on assignment from German Playboy. Suddenly Donald looks at his watch and excuses himself, he must call his father in Canada to wish him a happy birthday. When he comes back, he says, "Strange, as of today my father is exactly twice my age, and he didn't find that amusing at all." He sits down and asks me, "If you had your choice of an animal, which would you like to be?" "Beaver," I say. "And if being a beaver were impossible?" "Eagle," I say. "That was a little pscho-test," Sutherland explains, "the animal you name first is the animal you would like to be, and the one you name second, the kind you are." He looks me over. "It's true: your nose is an eagle nose, you sit like an eagle, and you hold your shoulders like eagle wings." I ask him which kind of animal he would like to be. "An elephant," he says. And if he couldn't be an elephant? "Two elephants."


Constantin Costa-Gavras

Costa-Gravas Foto copyright Claus Biegert
Constantin Costa-Gavras Fotos © Claus Biegert.

Costa-Gavras influenced my political thinking beginning with his film State of Siege, in 1972. So, meeting Costa-Gavras was like returning home, like meeting your favorite teacher decades after leaving school to tell him how much you gained from his teaching, how important he was for your life.

Black Hole, Los Alamos

Ed Grothus

Ed Grothus, Foto copyright Claus Biegert
Ed Grothus Fotos © Claus Biegert.

Ed Grothus was a natural outsider. A happy black sheep. He was a witness at the World Uranium Hearing in Salzburg, 1992.

In 1995, while visiting friends in Sante Fe, I took part in the 50 year Hiroshima and Nagasaki memorial service at the pond of Los Alamos.

When Ed set eyes on me he called out, in that booming voice of his that required no microphone: "We invited Clinton and Gore. And who winds up showing? Claus Biegert!"

Yanomami Shaman

Davi Kopenawa

Davi Kopenawa, Foto copyright Claus Biegert
Davi Kopenawa Fotos © Claus Biegert;

These photos were taken on the roof of a Munich Hotel. The vegetation is naturally non-Yanomami!

Alles in Bhudda

In Zhiwa Ling,
Bhutan's First Locally Run Private Hotel

Zhiwa Ling
Zhiwa Ling Fotos © Claus Biegert;

Built by a Swiss architect and decorated by local artists, the Swiss-Bhutan axis has been active for years. Art projects in the mountains of Bhitamn are financed by a Swiss organization. And the local Red Panda white beer is mellowed in the kettle following German guidelines as brought to Bhutan by a Swiss entrepreneur.

Two Men Who Know How to Get the Most Out of Each Other

Gerhard Polt and Hans Well

Gerhard Polt und Hans Well
Gerhard Polt and Hans Well images © Claus Biegert

These images were taken back during the Biermösl Blosn days.

The Philosopher of Seneca Leaves Behind a Hole

John Mohawk Sotsisowah

John Mohawk
John Mohawk, Schumacher College, 1998, Image © Claus Biegert

He was a philosopher of the Seneca tribe; he liked the idea, the relationship to the Greek Seneca.

English translation: Craig Eldon Reishus